At Cranfield Dental, we offer high-quality dental implants at affordable prices. Our aim is to create the best dental experience for you in a relaxed atmosphere, where the close relationship with your dentist combined with the very latest equipment and dentistry techniques will lead to the best possible result for you. We offer:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Multiple teeth replacement
  • Implant over denture
  • All on 4 / Smile in a day
Why Choose Us?
  • We offer a free implant consultation.
  • We use the highest specification of implants and crowns.
  • We can replace a full denture with a full pair of fixed teeth supported by implants
  • We have staff members fluent in different languages.
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I Suitable for Dental Implants?
  • There are very few reasons why you could not be clinically eligible for having dental implants.
  • The only real condition which will not allow an implant to be placed is if you are taking or have had a particular medication, Bisphosphonates. If you have never heard of it then you probably have not had it.
  • ¬†As soon as your jaw has stopped developing (around seventeen years old), then you are a candidate for implants.
  • ¬†Lacking bone in an area is not usually a problem in placing implants, as there are many techniques to solve this limitation.
Are Dental Implants Painful?
  • Unlike other parts of dentistry, implant dentistry involves working with healthy tissues only. This means tissues are able to adapt and heal very quickly, resulting in a painless experience.